About Edenity

Edenity addresses the age-old questions: Who am I? What am I? and Why am I? from a different place than other worldviews.
Embodiment of its three dharmas in one lifetime imparts the state of Edenity as an effortless unification of the personal, nondual, universal, and devotional domains of consciousness into one gestalt.
Personal words from Brie and Stace

“‘Who am I if I am not the me that I watch trying to be me?’

This sentence has been with me since my teen years when I first knew my suffering. I wanted to dance on tables, but felt bound to a chair. There was something inside me that couldn’t get out. Today, I know it’s my soulful me. 

I didn’t know then that I had a protective self, created early in my life to keep me safe. Very slowly, over years I came to know these aspects. I basically watched my life play out in ways I didn’t like, and all of this came to a head when my son was born.

Though I had done a lot of spiritual and therapeutic work, the me that expressed sometimes was clearly not me. I painfully watched that me for almost ten years, trying to heal away this “other me,” until I found the work that Edenity represents today.

Stace, my beloved husband, had carved out a worldview and dharma that ultimately supports the new era of yin, emotion, and love as essence as opposed to the patriarchally distorted yang, will, and mind era that is phasing out. I intuitively felt its truth and found home, with a mirror big enough for souls like you and me, who’ve worked on ourselves in other ways but didn’t educe the soulful, loving self that is behind our conditioned protective walls.

Now, things begin to change. It’s been a long, stony path with many ups and downs, mirrors and horrors, joy and pain, goodness and shame. My involvement in this dharma grew and, as a certified facilitator, I looked deeper into the way the dharma itself had to change. 

After shocking life events held up a big mirror to both of us, we found what needed to change and how to change it. We now offer a path to embody this “hidden me” that lives like a sleeping beauty in all of us, covered over by what the world taught us to be, but never truly were.

In my work with people, I am so deeply touched by those moments when someone experiences the tragic difference between the soulful self and the conditioned protective self, without which we could not have survived. This journey of ensoulment, to embody fully the you that is and has always been, but had no chance to live fully, has become my passion. I look forward to touching your hearts and souls in ways that help you come alive on this earth and so experience it as heaven. 

The path goes through difficult feelings, not around them. But it is worth it. Thank you, Stace, for paving the way with all the hardship you endured to make a dream come true for all of us who want to walk it.”

Brie Ehret Barron

My Divine Mother
Capacity of all being
Touch the shores of me-ness
With your immovable waves of stillness
Help me to become all
within your universal one
Let me fall through your white notness
So i can experience your colorful all
Show me how the fears of death
can be a new beginning
Eternal you
who has being with no name
who has meaning with no words
You who has no you
make yourself known to me
Divine Mother
my feminine source and inspiration
Reveal to me how the unknown of yin being
is innocent dark depth
Wrapped in colorful white
Without you
I don’t exist
With you
I don’t exist
Let me be with and without you
In your eternal womb of love
let me have experience of me
To feel close to you who is not
And one with you who is all

“At age twenty-four, in the middle of the night, I had a vision of three circles that eventually became the basis of Edenity. But the real story of my life involved how agonally challenging it’s been to actually embody its teachings.

As an older man, I realized how much I floated above the personal human plane and abided with my natural access to Spirit. As a result, I carried what felt like an unsolvable wound. What I felt was real and good about me in Spirit was invalidated by my family and culture. And what was wounded and false about me was made to feel healthy and true. That conflict was so deep I dissociated from the unbearable pain. Like most of us, I survived by becoming over-controlling and willful in my life instead of putting love first.

The wounds associated with that framework caused me to seal off much of my inner humanness from myself and others. To compensate, I focused on expressing my own spiritual values no matter how different they were from traditional teachings. Over the years, I was both fortunately and unfortunately rewarded for those unique spiritual offerings. 

I was fortunate because they ultimately became the counter-intuitive metaphysical foundations of Edenity. But the positive attention I gained deepened the distance from my own humanity, and prevented access to my personal unconscious wounding, walling me off further.  

Many of us know that we teach best what we most need to learn. Edenity became the crucible to heal my resistance to joining the human race vulnerably. By seeking help from truly gifted people drawn to explore Edenity and facing my obvious wound-based behaviors in my seventeen year marriage with a remarkable woman, the distance between my spiritual wings and my human feet begins to narrow.

One way to describe our collective human suffering is that we’ve been conditioned to split our essential spiritual nature from the humanness of our everyday expressions. It took me almost forty years to realize Edenity was not just a way to help others, but the means for me to first link them in myself.”

Stace Barron

Time emerges from Eternity
Movement emerges from Stillness
Words emerge from Silence
Mind emerges from Emotion
Emotion emerges from Heart
Heart emerges from Soul
Soul emerges out from Love
and Love is All-That-Is
Stace Barron

​Stace Barron attended Loyola University in Chicago and did post-graduate work at the University of Illinois. In the 1980s, he had a nondual-based spiritually transformative event, and afterward to his surprise was able to discern the hidden architecture of the human emotional body. He then dedicated his life to explore an unexpected link between the human and the spiritual and a previously unrevealed new kind of spiritual attainment.

Barron is the inceptor of Edenity and is a spiritual philosopher and educator, medical intuitive, lecturer, author and healer.

Brie Ehret Barron

Brie Ehret Barron is a Communication Designer M.A., certified Emotional Body Facilitator and certified Systemic Family Constellation Facilitator. She is a co-creator of Edenity in its development and expression.  

As an Ensoulment Facilitator and Avraprana healer, she is passionate about guiding people on their path to spiritual and emotional health and wholeness to create a base for a mature form of closeness and relationality.

Is Edenity an Organization?

In the past, Edenity had an educational program, but we came to the conclusion that nobody can “learn” how to feel open-heartedly and guide people with the “We feel therefore we are” principle without first completing a significant amount of inner work themselves.

One must first be open-hearted and vulnerable enough to feel people in order to guide others through the emotospiritual rivers of individualized selfhood. In that sense, ensoulment work is the education because when you begin with emotion, you automatically feel your way through every moment and turn the river makes, guiding the unfolding journey better than any structured teaching could.

In this way, people who undergo this journey and feel called to serve others open-heartedly, bring their own unique way of translating Edenity’s teachings to the world. Some of these people you can meet in the Articles section.

The Evolution of Edenity

We still actively test Edenity through experience, and all that it entails is subject to constant evolution. What you see on this website is the result of a nearly fifty year exploration of something new and different.

It began when Stace was first shown the three circles in 1975. The next step was in 1989 when he saw the structure of the emotional body after a nondual Sagehood event. A decade of testing that revelation led to his first book, There’s no such thing as a negative emotion (1998). The years have been full of trial and error, heartbreak, remorse and inner growth as Edenity evolved.

In 2008, Brie began to add more yin and her own passion to Edenity’s foundational Personhood process to develop a more inclusive overall dharma for soul-deep healing, making it more productive to heal, lose, then surrender our conditioned and wounded identity to live our Eden-ity via earth-as-heaven consciousness.

With Infinite Gratitude

The complexity of Edenity made it an enormous challenge to translate into a website and our deepest heartfelt gratitude goes to two very gifted people, who experienced and understood Edenity so deeply that they were able to create what you see here on this site: Josef Shapiro, who authored most of it, and Frank Fienbork, whose design brings it into a graphic experience. It came together as a soulful dance between words and pictures. Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts. The same gratitude goes to everyone else involved, we couldn’t have done it, and cannot do it without you.