Why am I?

Is God just for believing in, or can I experience It directly?
What is the meaning of my life?
Can I remember my past lives, know my destiny, and what I’m here to learn?
How do I develop my intuition and other third eye gifts?
Is God just for believing in, or can I experience It directly?
What is the meaning of my life?
Can I remember my past lives, know my destiny, and what I’m here to learn?
How do I develop my intuition and other third eye gifts?

Have you ever had the experience that everything was exactly as it should be? Have you had the magical experience of Allness, how all things are connected and intertwined? Have you ever just known something, but didn’t know how?

We hold that the only reason you don’t automatically feel the Divine at all times is because of the fear of non-being. This fear can be processed and healed.

It’s entirely possible to abide with the Divine like the great prophets, saints, and spiritual teachers in human history. It’s not reserved only for a special few. Edenity offers a path to get there.

Why are you? God only knows, but you can abide with It and find out.

sainthood Inquiry
What was your conditioning about God? Inevitably, we relate to the Divine based on our conditioning or we rebel against our parents or culture and embody some opposite. Regardless of what you’ve learned, in what way is your childhood conditioning about God still active in your life? Look carefully.

Your Ultimate Parent

We need God like a child needs a parent, but most of us think we ought to be completely independent. The fear of non-being is the terror of realizing that our life is not ours, ultimately, but we get to live it. It involves the loss of what seems like reasonable control of plans and outcomes in exchange for abiding with the Divine. Does that seem worth it?

Sainthood dharma in Edenity is about relating with the Yin and Yang Allness Aspects of the Divine, engendering a sense of support, purpose, and trust in Life Itself.

Because only an authentic, soulful “you” can encounter Divinity, much of the conditioning we must shed to encounter It is processed in Personhood. This creates space to receive the Divine Yin in Sagehood, which ensouls the mental body that otherwise willfully resists the surrender to Divine Will in Sainthood.

Surrendering to your own soul leads organically to encountering the Divine, and delivers you to the dance between you and Creation, where you can explore where your will and Divine Will intertwine.

Can You Relate?

We have collected and simplified some typical questions and concerns we hear over and over again. Maybe our answers will help you a bit. And if you want to go deeper into a topic, listen to the appropriate episode from our podcast “The Heart of Soul”.

While the feeling is troubling, this is often a sign of sanity and soul porosity. While the human race is homogenous in one way, in another way we are composed of dozens of different soul-species which are quite different from each other.

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Congratulations. We hold that both believing and disbelieving in God get in the way of experiencing Divinity directly. The first step to abiding with God is to give up trying to mentally apprehend It.

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We’re sorry for the pain you’ve experienced from this conditioning. These are common strategies that we see as aspects of the wounded personal will attempting to be spiritual, all of which bring you further from your authentic self, and so further from Divinity.

Listen to “The Heart of Soul” podcast episode 37

There are actually many things we unconsciously feel, think, and do that keep our direct experience of Divinity away. Undoing these things in a deconstructive way is the path to God, because there’s nothing you can do to arrive at where you already are.

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These questions are the domain of what we call “creation-relational sainthood” and they are all related.

Listen to “The Heart of Soul” podcast episode 40

Our truth is that Divinity is always listening and only ever says, “Yes,” but leaves us a lot of responsibility to learn things on our own. That doesn’t mean It cannot help, though, but it requires inference, not obedience.

Listen to “The Heart of Soul” podcast episode 36

Relating to All of Creation

Sainthood has two components: Creator-Relational which relates with Divinity, but also Creation-Relational which is concerned with both third-eye perceived aspects of reality and Universal Love and Expression. Healing the fear of non-being allows you to see beyond the time and space in which most of us are used to living. The result is the ability to see past lives of yourself and others, interact with discarnate spirits, intuit future events, read soul-species and destiny-tracks, walk with Divinity as a companion, and more.

It’s not uncommon for people to have past-life training in Creation-Relational arts as these are thousands of years old. Edenity offers not only a path to unlock your soul gifts, but also a way to live comfortably with them in a natural human way.

But this is about more than having occasional insights or incisive reads. Healing the fear of non-being goes beyond harnessing intuitive gifts. It changes the way you relate to the world and everything in it. You realize that in one way you are never alone, there are hardly any accidents, and abide in the enduring Allness of Divinity that meaningfully and purposefully unfolds every moment in eternity.

SAINThood Inquiry
Did you truly experience that your parents loved you? They may have said so, but did it feel like the sunshine on a summer day, all the time? This is where most learn that God must be believed in rather than experienced.
We project what we learn about love onto the Divine. In what way is your relationship to God similar to how you relate to your parents?

Experience, Not Belief

Most Sainthood paradigms in our world rely heavily on belief. Edenity offers that belief in God and any aspect of Creation not perceived with the five senses is actually an obstruction to experience Divine Being. In Personhood, emotional wound-based belief and hope are processed as artifacts of childhood wounding. In Sagehood, mind-based beliefs that substitute for direct experience dissolve in the encountering of Not-ness.

In Sainthood, whatever remaining beliefs persist are washed away by directly experiencing your Creator and Creation Itself. This direct experience exposes the fear of non-being so it can be healed.

Edenity: Experiencing Earth-as-Heaven

Edenity offers that all human suffering can be reduced to three soul fears:

  1. 1. The fear of being, addressed by Emotional Body Ensoulment in Personhood.
  2. 2. The fear of not-being, addressed by Mental Body Ensoulment in Sagehood.
  3. 3. The fear of non-being, addressed by Willful Body Ensoulment in Sainthood.

While this is generally the prescribed order, in reality we work with what arises to be worked. Each “hood” inevitably influences development in the others in a fractal way, and you may find yourself working on as many as three at once.

Significant healing all of the three soul fears leads to the state of Edenity, a love-first way of relating with reality that is emotively in the world as an embodied human, insightfully not-in the world as an enlightened sage, and sublimely not of this world as a God-Realized saint.

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