We feel therefore we are.

Edenity emoto-soulful healing paradigm We feel therefore we are

What if there was
a way to heal emotional
wounds instead of
just managing them?
What if there was
an enlightenment path
that didn’t require you
to transcend your humanity? 
What if you could relate
with Divine Being
without negativizing
your individuality?

What if there were a way to be simultaneously an emotionally mature person, an enlightened sage, and a God-realized saint all at once?

Edenity is a new paradigm that allows these previously separate domains of human experience to come together as one, so each of us can be whole.

The missing ingredient throughout history that has kept us internally split and externally divided as a species has been the understanding and embodiment of soul-level emotivity.

When we see the governing dynamic of human evolution as a function of healing three soul-level fears, everything changes.

“The Heart of Soul” Podcast

Do you have a strong sense that there’s something more? More to reality? More to you? Do you feel the weight of your childhood and cultural conditioning and despite having worked to shrug it off, see that it somehow remains? Do you intuit that the world could be a much healthier place? Have you learned about and tried different practices only to dead-end, leaving you to wonder, “Is this it?” Have the models you’ve learned left things out, left your deepest questions unanswered?