Edenity addresses the age-old questions: Who am I? What am I? and Why am I? from a different place than other worldviews.

Embodiment of its three dharmas in one lifetime imparts the state of Edenity as an effortless unification of the personal, nondual, universal, and devotional domains of consciousness into one gestalt.

We can have the experience of earth-as-heaven without escape, transcendence, or compensation. This allows us to personally close the millenia-old chasm between humanity and spirituality in a grounded and mature humanness that resonates with the infinitely-tiered Divine Bandwidths of Being and Love.

Time emerges from Eternity
Movement emerges from Stillness
Words emerge from Silence
Mind emerges from Emotion
Emotion emerges from Heart
Heart emerges from Soul
Soul emerges out from Love
and Love is All-That-Is

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upcoming seminar in Germany with Brie & Stace

The Heart and Soul of Curiosity

April 28 – May 2, 2024

7:30 pm – 5:00 pm

Living in the Now has its wonders and its curses. We strive to attain a state of being in which we are released from the burden of the past and future dreads mediated by our human brain. Our soulful self lives in the Now as much as emotivity happens only in the Now, meaning when we feel deeply we are the most connected to the Now that we can be. It doesn’t matter if we are joyful, afraid, hurt, angry and so much more, those emotions flow in the present moment.

In that vein we offer a seminar of being in the Now where we’ll curiously explore in that moment of time what the space we are in is meant for, what the people who are there call for, and the Divinity within will tell us what is needed in that Now.

In other words, we do not determine the content of this Curiosity Seminar upfront but let the moments guide us to best serve each one of you on your journey to wholeness, togetherness and relatedness.

The necessity of having all three domains of our life, the personal, the sagely and the saintly aspects as expressions of the Divine congruently inclusive as held in Edenity’s core teachings, will make this a deep dive into our soulful nature and how we can relate with each other from curiosity instead of conditioned assumptions.

The seminar is in English with German translation.

$ 690

Additional Costs for Room and Meals:

Prices range between 424 € and 548 € (depending on room selection) per person, for four nights and includes vegetarian/vegan meals (mainly organic/regional), filtered and energized water (please bring your own water bottle), a selection of organic tea, as well as coffee and cake breaks, wifi and parking.

Once registration is completed with us you will receive a link to download the seminar house booking form where you can make your room selections. That form will need to be sent directly to Seminarhaus Fohlenweide to reserve your room and board – please do this as soon as possible after registering.

Payment for room and board will be due upon arrival to the seminar house on April 28, 2024.

seminarhaus-fohlenweide.de, Fohlenweide 1, 36145 Hofbieber, Germany

Contact ENG: Angie events@edenity.org, Contact GER: Katrin veranstaltungen@edenity.org

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Listen to Josef Shapiro’s EDENITY podcast

Who are you? What are you? Why are you? These are the three most fundamental spiritual questions that directly relate to our human experience. This podcast is an exploration of the new paradigm of Edenity,​offering new and counter-intuitive ways to examine these questions.

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