Our Services

Realizing you need help is a challenge for many. Asking for it can be even more so. It takes strength to strive to be more. We offer various services to support your healing journey. If you’re not sure where to begin, feel free to contact us with questions. We’re here to help.
About our services

If you are disappointed or worse, blaming yourself for not getting the quick, transformative results so often promised, you’ve found the right place. We don’t offer quick fixes because we’re well aware how long it takes to truly heal, once and for all, without having to constantly maintain your state.

What we see in our world is a fundamental inability to relate vulnerably: between caregivers and children, between you and you, how your soul relates to the obliteration of your ego, and your relatedness with Divinity. The theme of relationality is at the core of our healing process and is why we cannot heal ourselves on deeper levels alone. We truly wished it were possible, but in our experience we are innocently incapable to heal ourselves without help.

In particular, we have very special concerns for those who have suffered from unintegratable spiritual awakenings, in present and/or past lives, because of the loss of soul-sense that often occurs.

Because the personal individual self and emotion has heretofore been held as a matter of brain function, or as an illusion in many eastern teachings, there has been no place for soul or its devotion to God without deeply excluding the innocent, sovereign self. This has severely limited our ability to authentically grow and heal.

If you read the Who am I, What am I, and Why am I pages, you can appreciate the complexity of soulful living in a human body, because you are so much more than a body. Edenity’s approach reaches into all domains of existence without exclusion. In this way, we offer help to untangle confusions with new reframes, healing wounds via emotive intimacy, negotiating with the necessity of our protective self, and more. See below for our current offerings.