The Heart of Soul

A Podcast with Josef Shapiro and
Stace Barron

Do you have a strong sense that there’s something more? More to reality? More to you? Do you feel the weight of your childhood and cultural conditioning and despite having worked to shrug it off, see that it somehow remains? Do you intuit that the world could be a much healthier place? Have you learned about and tried different practices only to dead-end, leaving you to wonder, “Is this it?” Have the models you’ve learned left things out, left your deepest questions unanswered?

The emotospiritual paradigm of Edenity addresses issues like these from an entirely different basis than other psychospiritual worldviews past or present. Embodiment of its three dharmas (Personhood, Sagehood, Sainthood) within one lifetime is the state of Edenity, an effortless unification of the personal, nondual, universal, and devotional domains of consciousness into one gestalt. We can have the experience of earth-as-heaven, but not as any utopia or heaven-on-earth, no escape from, or transcendence of earthen existence.

This allows us to personally validate the final closure of the millennial-old chasm between humanity and spirituality, a true grounded and mature humanness that can then fluently resonate with the many Divine Bandwidths of Being and Love.

This podcast is a presentation of Edenity through interviews with its founder, Stace Barron. It's best listened to in order, from the beginning.

New episodes usually are being published every Friday.