Free Will vs. Free Won't
Eric Grace

The conversation around destiny and free will has been going on for a very, very long time. I hope this article serves as a unique contribution to that conversation as it elucidates the paradoxical and emoto-soulful mechanics of how free will, destiny and fate can be true in our daily lives.

If it is true that there is a Divine Being, or God as some call It, and there is a Divine Will, how does that Divine Will coordinate with our personal will? And if we are soulful beings that choose to incarnate into each lifetime how does our soulful will coordinate with Divine will and our personal will? And if we are impacted by our family conditioning, how does that conditioning impact our personal will?

I have written in other articles about how as children we are primarily soulful emotive beings in a physical body and if we aren’t felt as the norm by our primary caregivers, we form protective aspects that cover over our emotive wounds and the congestion that lives in our emotive being so I won’t go into depth about that more here. However, here is an example for how that premise applies to our relationship to our personal will, soulful will and Divine will. If it is true that our protective aspects utilize our mind, will and energy in service of covering over our emotive wounding from childhood and that that wounding is largely unconscious to us, it’s very possible that when our conscious personality has a want or a wish, if we don’t proactively explore where the desire for that want or wish is coming from, it may be coming from unhealthy motivations based in wounding rather than emerging from our healthy soulful self.

The way we can find out if any wish or want is healthy is to start to court or engage with our unconscious and learn about, feel, and negotiate with our protective aspects so we can unearth more of of our soulfulness, compassionately understanding first hand how they have been playing out in our lives in our relationship to romance, our passion path, finances, parenting, money, health and with Divine Being or our spirituality.

If ego is the relationship self has with self, think of it as a verb rather than a noun, it can be a healthy or unhealthy relationship. At the personal level, it can allow a free flow of our essence as soulfulness to express through our form as well an abiding with Divine Being or it can be contracted due to conditioning and unable to receive love with people and with Divine Being. We can be unconscious of the degree of fear that lives in our personality and soul.

The opportunity in any given life, I offer, is to encounter our fears so they may heal and more of our soulfulness can emerge so we can experience the love that we are made of, share that love and our soul’s gifts with others and abide with Divine Being and It’s Love in our day to day moments. If we don’t take responsibility for the fear that lives in our unconscious, we can live in a form of trance or stupor of ignorance mired in unhealthy forms of relationship within ourself and with all that we are in relationship with. Then that fear plays out in our lives with all sorts of unintended consequences for ourselves and those around us (most often our loved ones) meanwhile leaving us with the sense that we are a victim to our life circumstances.

In such a situation, we are given free will by Divine Being, however the degree that we are embedded in and as our protection, unconscious of our fear, is the degree we are kept from living our soul’s will for any given life and as a result we are kept in the hands of the fate of our unconscious fear’s play-outs and predictable life outcomes. What if Divine Being is always giving us a big YES in life to our soul’s desire, will and incarnational imperatives and it is our emotively congested personality in the form of our noble protective aspects being unconsciously in charge that choose free won’t in order to keep our emotive soulfulness at bay from daily life through addictive life configurations, attitudes, beliefs, substances, energies and relationships? If that’s true, as they do, they keep our soul’s destiny at bay as well.

Can you feel your soul calling you to experience its will more directly?

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