The not-so-hidden God
Stace Barron

In one spiritual domain, there are only two possibilities that frame how we experience ourselves as human beings: there is no God, such that Mother Nature is our actual parent, making our human beingness no different than any other animal. Or, there is a God/Spirit Dimension of Being within which our denser physical world, including the human being version of ourselves, precipitates. In that second possibility there is room for inquiry about what may make us different than animals and of course involves the whole question of a soul that perhaps survives physical death and so may be reincarnatable.

As a species, we have always bickered among ourselves about these two antithetical possibilities and all the values and philosophies that context them. Edenity offers a different value system and philosophy to address the issue, one that requires no belief, insofar how belief only exists because the majority of us throughout our history do not personally encounter such a God and so only possess a belief inIt.

Edenity offers both an explanation for why it has always been so difficult to directly experience God and a nonreligious spiritual path to one day directly experience It, and thus forever end any need for a belief. Not many of us may be ready to endure such a path, but it is offered for those who are curious.

Edenity’s offers 13 proposals or parameters that define and support such a direct encounter:

1) Belief itself only exists within a context of never actually experiencing That Which we have a belief about. We don’t need to believe in the sun because we are able to directly experience it. Just so, a belief in God is only required when we have yet to directly experience It.  

2) Despite the majority of us never having had a direct experience of It, if there is aGod, there could never be any structural separation between us and It. Because if there were, that would mean there was something outside of God, and for God to be God, nothing could be outside of It. Meaning everything That Is must be somehow embedded within God with no structural boundaries, only artificially conditioned experiential limitations.

3) Based in how anything that is merely subjectively experiential is artificially conditioned into us to some degree, any personal sense of a separation from God could only be subjectively experiential and so does not represent any objective structural truth,

4) Such conditioning can thus be deconstructed, decoded, and then deconditioned as something that was merely learned and not representative of something essential about us.

5) While the mind, will, or physical body remains malconditioned into us as the essential origin of human consciousness, God may be debated as an idea, but is inexperiencable as a Reality.

6) Edenity offers that all of our artificial conditioning is largely based in conscious and unconscious emotive wounding, not just ideationally- or willfully-held positions and orientations. This means all manner of conditioning can be healed away with an appropriately focused dharma.

7) Such healing can only occur based in a process whose algorithm of change and healing is based on how emotivity is the primary aspect of human consciousness, not mentality, willfulness, or physicality as it is currently held in virtually all of our paradigms of human consciousness.  

8) The dualistic mind prevents a direct experience of God as an inappropriate tool in the same way a fishnet cannot hold water and a microscope cannot study the stars.

9) In that way, the mind projects dualistically-configured structures of hierarchy onto what is a actually a Wholoarchal Divine Being, something impossible for the mind to conceive or access. In a Wholoarchal Being, that Which something is inside of is also simultaneously inside of it. Another way to say this is that a personal holon exists inside of a Wholon at the same time the Wholon exists inside the holon, which is impossible in a hierarchy. Apt metaphors of hierarchy are how one floor is inside of a whole building, but the whole building cannot be inside one floor; or that one tile lies within a mosaic, but the whole mosaic cannot lie within one tile.

10) No ancient or modern religious tradition or spiritual teaching has even been based on the reality of such Wholoarchal Divinity and so deeply impedes access to such a spiritual Presence.  

11)  Abiding only in a belief in God, there is always the question,‘Why doesn’t It reveal Itself to us?’  Edenity offers that It is so busy revealing Itself Wholoarchally, our hierarchal-based physical senses can’t experience it. As such, It is so present it looks absent to our blunt and unevolved malconditioned ways of dualistically experiencing experience. Those born with 3rd eye access may have a sense of some aspects of It, but unless we undergo an emotively-based deconditioning and reconditioning healing path, the direct experience of a limitless but present and personally-linked Divine Being is largely forever locked out to us.

12) Since 2012, the Yin Aspect of Divine Being has replaced the Yang Aspect, rendering all the projections of God as Yang-based entity obsolete, and as such, require us to learn an entirely different way of relating to Divinity through Yin-based stillness and surrender algorithms instead of the past Yangic-based will-,energy-, and mind-based efforts.

13) To ever discover our Big ‘E’ Wholon-Essence, we must learn to actively embody our own small-e holon-essence first, which is emoto soulful. This is impossible to do from our mind-I (Humanism);the negation of our mind-I (Buddhism); the collectivization of our mind-I (Hinduism);or an apology for having selfish urges of the mind- or will-I (all western religionism).

These proposals partially explain why so few of us in history have had the experience of Divine Being: consciousness modes conditioned by ancient and modern secular and spiritual paradigms prevent it. Because human consciousness is primarily emotive and because we are holons of a Love-Based Wholon, we’re intrinsically made of Love also. In that way, human consciousness is essentially ‘made of emotiveness,’ and only secondarily abides downline in willful, mental, and physical domains.

Yin Divinity now awaits humanity to wake up from both the partially true and partially untrue teachings of eastern &western nondual and religious antiquity and modern scientific empiricism to a completely self-verifiable experience mediated by learning to more and more deeply embody a ‘We feel, therefore we are’ orientation of consciousness, not as a belief but as ongoing reality of being.

In all these ways, Edenity invites anyone with fortitude, openness, and a deep curiosity about participating in a consciousness adventure to test it for both its metaphysical sobriety and its real results.

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