Today, the secret to understanding everything. Finally, the answers you’ve been looking for! Of course, understanding alone won’t lead to fulfillment and questions are far more important than answers, but our topic today, the metaphysics of metaphysics will help you quite a lot if you can learn to see reality through this lens. Also, we’re taking a break from recording at least for the rest of December. Stace and I both need some time off, but rest assured there’s plenty more to come. If you’re jonesing for a podcast, I do have another one called “Manage to Engage” that has some relevant crossover with Edenity, especially the later episodes. That podcast is more about the application of Edenity to the business world, which is always a fun tightrope to walk. There’s also a fair amount of pure zen sprinkled in there from that phase of my life. If you search for my name, Josef Shapiro, you’ll find Manage To Engage quite easily. Until next time, happy all-the-days, and we look forward to reconnecting in 2024. Thanks so much for listening!

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